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Crazy Asian Grandparents Singapore. CRAZY! All Asian grandparents are too traditional! They are the weirdest people ever! But we still love them (Cuz we have to or our parents will beat us). They are racist, they wake us up before the sun rises, they make our boyfriends/girlfriends feel uncomfortable, they want us to study everything...ooh the never ending list of things our grandparents make us do :) A big thank you to everybody that has been supporting Teenageguruz for the past 2 years. It has been exactly 2 years since we started this channel and we have grown so much thanks to all your support. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING OUR SILLY VIDEOS! Teenageguruz "Teenage Guruz" Teenagegurus "Teenage Gurus" "asian parents" crazy asian parents tradition boys girls teens "asian teenager" teenager teenagers hairstyle "crazy asian grandparents" grandparent grandfather grandmother mother father grandma "Asia (Continent)" "Asian boys" "asian girls" "asian accent"

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Crazy Asian Grandparents Singapore

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